Why So Blue, Carbon?

Institute of Biology, UP Diliman – The Why So Blue, Carbon? Seminar given by Dr. Richard MacKenzie of the US Forest Service and Dr. Ken Krauss of the US Geological Survey was successfully hosted last February 24, 2023. A handful of participants, including members of the Water and linked Aquatic-Terrestrial Ecosystems Research (WATER) Laboratory, were able to attend in person while around 70 participants were present in Zoom for the hybrid seminar.

Dr. Richard MacKenzie about to start his talk
Dr. Ken Krauss moments before his talk
Dr. MacKenzie and Dr. Krauss answering questions during the open forum
L-R: Dr. MacKenzie, Dr. Severino G. Salmo III (Project Leader, PEER ManCoRe), Dr. Krauss, and Dr. Ian Kendrich Fontanilla (Director, Institute of Biology)
Why So Blue, Carbon? In-person participants
Dr. Salmo giving a tour of the WATER Laboratory
Dr. Salmo, co-head of the WATER Laboratory, Dr. MacKenzie, and Dr. Krauss with the laboratory members

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