Mangrove-related Policies

House/ Senate BillsSBN-1917: National Coastal Greenbelt Bill Act
SBN-1920: The Integrated Coastal Management Act
SBN-639: National Mangrove Forest Protection and Preservation Act of 2019
SBN-2237: Mangrove Reforestation Act of 2014
Republic ActsR.A. 11038: Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System (eNIPAS) Act of 2018
R.A. 8550: The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 as amended by R.A. 10654 of 2014
R.A. 8371 Chap. VIII Sec. 58: The Indigenous People Rights Act – Environmental Considerations
R.A. 7881: Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to Promote Social Justice and Industrialization
R.A. 7611: Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act
R.A.7586: National Integrated Protected Area System Act of 1992
R.A. 7161 Sec 4: An Act Incorporating Certain Sections of the National Internal Revenue Code Of 1977, as amended, To Presidential Decree No. 705, as amended, Otherwise Known as “The Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines,” And Providing Amendments Thereto By Increasing the Forest Charges on Timber and Other Forest Products 
R.A. 6557 Chap. II Sec. 11: Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988-Exemptions and Exclusions as amended by R.A. 7881
Presidential DecreesP.D. 704, s. 1975: Fisheries Decree of 1975
P.D. 705, s. 1975: Revised Forestry Code of the Philippines
P.D. 953, s. 1976: Requiring The Planting of Trees in Certain Places and Penalizing Unauthorized Cutting, Destruction, Damaging and injuring of Certain Trees, Plants and Vegetation
Executive OrdersE.O. 263, s. 1993: Adopting Community-Based Forest Management as the National Strategy to Ensure the Sustainable Development of the Country’s Forestlands Resources And Providing Mechanisms for its Implementation
E.O. 192, s. 1987: Reorganization Act of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources
ProclamationsP.P 2152, s. 1981: Declaration of Palawan Province and Parts of Public Domain as Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves
P.P 2151, s. 1981: Declaration of Certain Islands/Parts of the Philippines as Wilderness Areas
P.P. 2146, s. 1981: Proclaiming Certain Areas and Types of Projects as Environmentally Critical and within the Scope of the Environmental Impact Statement System Established Under Presidential Decree No. 1586
Administrative OrdersDENR Administrative Order No. 2021-17: Guidelines for the Affirmation of Community Resource Management Framework (CRMF) and Approval of Five-Year Work Plan (FYWP) of the Holders of Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA)
DENR Administrative Order No. 2000-57: Guidelines Governing The Implementation and Management of Mangrove Subprojects Under the Forestry Sector Project
DENR Administrative Order No. 98-10: Guidelines on the Establishment and Management of Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) Projects Within Mangrove Areas.
DENR Administrative Order No. 30 of 1994: Implementing Guidelines for Non-Government Organization Assisted Community-Based Mangrove Forest Management (NGO-Assisted CBMFM) for the DENR
DENR Administrative Order No. 23 of 1993 – Forest Land Management Program
DENR Administrative Order No. 56 of 1992: Designation of Pagbilao Mangrove Swamp Experimental Forest as Genetic Resource Area and National Training Site for Mangrove
DENR Administrative Order No. 06 of 1992: Revision to the Category of Forest Lands of Certain Portion of Mangrove Swamps in Maribojoc, Bohol Declared Alienable and Disposable for Fishpond Development
DENR Administrative Order No. 03 of 1991 – Policy and Guidelines for the Award and Administration of the Mangrove Stewardship Agreement
DENR Administrative Order No. 15 of 1990:  Regulations Governing the Utilization, Development and Management of Mangroves Resources
DENR  Administrative Order No. 07 of 1989: Suspension of the Acceptance of Application and Issuance of Prospecting Permits in Government Reservation (i.e. Forest Reserves, Watershed Forest Reserves, National Parks, Wilderness Areas, Mangrove Reserves, Research Experimental Stations, Reforestation Sites)
DENR  Administrative Order No. 76 of 1987: Buffer Zones in Coastal and Estuarine Mangrove Regulations
DENR  Administrative Order No. 8 of 1987: Implementation of the Provisions of Proclamation No. 2152 Declaring the Entire Province of Palawan and Certain Parcels of the Public Domain and/or Parts of the Country as Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves
Administrative Order No. 363 of 1997: Prescribing Guidelines for the Protection of Areas Non-negotiable for Conversion and Monitoring Compliance with Sec. 20 of the Local Government Code
Administrative Order No. 270 of 1991: Rules and Regulations Implementing the Local Government Code of 1991
Letter of InstructionLetter of Instruction 917, s. 1979: Declaration of Mangrove Forests as Wilderness Areas
OthersNationally Determined Contribution – 15 April 2021
Roadmap to Institutionalize Natural Capital Accounting in the Philippines – 29 June 2022
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