Training Manuals

Araujo, R. and G. Shideler. 2019. An R package for computation of mangrove forest structural parameters using plot and plotless methods. Madera bosques vol.25 no.1 Xalapa abr. 2019 Epub 29-Jul-2019

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Howard, J., S. Hoyt, K. Isensee, E. Pidgeon, and M. Telszewski (eds.), 2014. Coastal Blue Carbon: Methods for assessing carbon stocks and emissions factors in mangroves, tidal salt marshes, and seagrass meadows. Conservation International, Intergovernmenta Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Lewis III, R.R. and B. Brown,  2014.  Ecological mangrove rehabilitation – a field manual for practitioners. Mangrove Action Project, Canadian International Development Agency and OXFAM.

Primavera, J.H., J.D. Savaris, B. Bajoyo, J.D. Coching, D.J. Curnick, R. Golbeque, A.T. Guzman, J.Q. Henderin, R.V. Joven, R.A. Loma & H.J.  Koldewey,  2012. Manual on community-based mangrove rehabilitation – Mangrove Manual Series No. 1. London, UK: ZSL. viii  + 240p.

Salmo, S. III G. and M.A.J. Menez, 2001. Community-based mangrove reforestation: coastal resources management tools. Marine Environment Resources Foundation, Inc. The Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, 44p.

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Feller, I.C., and M. Sitnik (eds.), 1996. Mangrove ecology:  A manual for a field course. Smithsonian Institution

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