This section contains status reports, training manuals, policies, and publications. We compiled a variety of resources to increase accessibility of information related to Philippine mangroves. Currently, proceedings from the national mangrove summit and provincial mangrove reports from three regional summits are featured. 

Explore our resources below:

State of the Mangroves

To date, there were three regional states of mangrove summits done in northwest Luzon (Oct 23-24, 2014), south Luzon (Oct 1-2, 2015), and central/eastern Visayas (March 23, 2018). This collection features provincial reports from the three regional summits and the 1st national state of the mangrove summit.

Training Manuals

This compilation of training manuals includes handbooks, protocols, guides and manual on mangrove management, rehabilitation, and assessment methods.


We work to contribute to the body of knowledge on Philippine mangroves. We compiled here publications developed through local and international partnerships.

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