1st Partners’ Meeting : PEER ManCore Project

Meeting Highlights

The 1st PEER Partner’s Meeting of the PEER ManCoRe Project was held last 24 August 2022. It was attended by over 30 participants from previous and current partners from NGAs, NGOs, LGUs, SUCs, and POs. The meeting introduced the current PEER project, its on-going activities, and the mangrove monitoring dashboard. Previous and current partners presented the state of mangroves in their respective areas. We thank our presenters and attendees for the successful event!

PEER 2 Project

Presented by Dr. Severino Salmo III, Mr. John Ryan Navidad, and Ms. Camila Frances Naputo

The PEER 2 project entitled “Assessment and Comparison of Recovery of Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration in Philippine Mangroves Among different Mangrove Stands” were formally introduced.  It aims to compare ecosystem services (in terms of C sequestration, C stocks, C burial, and biodiversity) in conserved vs. restored mangroves. The project activities, challenges and future plans were highlighted in the presentation. Mangrove reporting and a web-based “scorecard” form were also demonstrated.  Participants were taught how to contribute in the form by uploading data sets from their respective mangrove areas.

State of the Mangrove Reporting

Presented by PEER 1 and PEER 2 partners

Insights and experiences of the partners on working with the PEER project were presented. The partners described their specific sites, including information on the mangrove types, cover, trends, and species composition. They also discussed the best management practices, as well as disturbances, stresses, and threats that they encountered. Additionally, they also presented their IEC campaigns as well as policies and governance support. Each partner also gave some suggestions on sustaining partnership with the PEER project.

Full documentation will be shared to registered participants.

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