Species Listing

The list of true and associate mangrove species found in northwestern Luzon are provided in Tables 1 and 2. There are 33 true mangrove species and 23 associate species reported in the region. Pangasinan has the highest species richness with 25 species, followed by SBMA and Zambales both with 21 species. Ilocos Norte has the least species number (7). The species that are present in most provinces are Avicennia marina, Nypa fruticans, Rhizophora apiculata, R. mucronata, R. stylosa and Sonneratia alba. Species that are less common across the region are Acanthus sp., Acrostichum aureum, Avicennia alba, Bruguiera parviflora, Osbornia octodonta, Pemphis acidula and Sonneratia ovata. The rare species Camptostemon philippinense known to have limited distribution (mainly in the central Philippines) was also reported in Pangasinan and Zambales. These information, however, need further verification.

Table 1. State of mangroves in northwestern Luzon (in hectares)

*does not include PS & PO initiatives under UNDP & SGP Project

Table 2. True mangrove species in northwestern Luzon. *=for verificationnorthwesternluzon_mangroves

Table 3. Associate mangrove species in northwestern Luzon

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