Mangrove-related Policies

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From the Official Gazette of the Philippine Government

House/Senate Bills:

HB 5948/SB 651 – National Coastal Greenbelt Bill

HB 5672 – Integrated Coastal Management Act

HB 2969 – Coastal Climate Change Adaptation Program of 2016

HB 201 – Coastal Areas Rehabilitation and Improvement Act of 2016

HB 4206 – National Mangrove Forest Protection and Preservation Act

HB 460 – National Mangrove Conservation and Rehabilitation Act of 2013

SB 143 – Coastal Environment Program

SB 2237 – National Mangrove Reforestation

Republic Act No. 11038 – Expanded National Integrated Protected Areas System (eNIPAS) Act of 2018

Presidential Decree No. 705 – The Forestry Reform Code of the Philippines

Republic Act No. 7881 – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program to Promote Social Justice and Industrialization

Letter of Instruction 917 – Declaration of Mangrove Forests as Wilderness Areas

Republic Act No. 7661 – Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) for Palawan Act

Republic Act No.7586 – National Integrated Protected Area System Act of 1992

Administrative Order No. 363 – Prescribing Guidelines for the Protection of Areas Non-negotiable for Conversion and Monitoring Compliance with Sec. 20 of the Local Government Code

Administrative Order No. 270 – Rules and Regulations Implementing the Local Government Code of 1991

Republic Act No. 8550 – The Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998 as amended by Republic Act No. 10654 of 2014 

Executive Order No. 192 – Reorganization Act of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Republic Act No. 8371 Chap. VIII Sec. 58. The Indigenous People Rights Act – Environmental Consideration

Presidential Decree No. 953 of 1976

BFD Administrative Order No. 2 of 1979

Proclamation No. 2151 of 1981 – Declaration of certain islands/parts of the Philippines as Wilderness Areas

Proclamation No. 2152 of 1981 – Declaration of Palawan province and parts of public domain as Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves

MNR Administrative Order No. 42 of 1986

DENR  Administrative Order No. 76 of 1987  – Establishment of Buffer Zones in Coastal and Estuarine Mangrove Areas

DENR Administrative Order No. 77 of 1990 – Revised Regulations Implementing the Integrated Social Forestry Program

DENR Administrative Order No. 123 – Community Forestry Program: Revegetation and planting and other development activities for mangrove areas

DENR Administrative Order No. 15 of 1990 –  Regulations Governing the Utilization, Development and Management of Mangroves Resources

DENR Administrative Order No. 03 of 1991 – Policy and Guidelines for the Award and Administration of the Mangrove Stewardship Agreement

DENR Administrative Order No. 30 of 1994 – Implementing Guidelines for Non- Government Organization Assisted Community-Based Mangrove Forest Management (NGO-Assisted CBMFM) for the DENR.

DENR Administrative Order No. 23 of 1993 – Forest Land Management Program

Nationally Determined Contribution – 15 April 2021


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